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Gourmet Norwegian Seaweed

A true 'superfood'. Born of Mother Nature and our commitment
to supreme quality and sustainability




A natural wonder,
responsibly harvested.


Flyt creates gourmet Norwegian seaweed products of the finest quality, all sustainably sourced and responsibly harvested.

The superior taste of our products results from the unspoiled, unique environment of our location off Norway's west coast, together with our years of expertise.

Norwegians say that if you have 'god flyt'    you have good fortune in life . We believe that nothing brings good fortune like good health. Seaweed, packed with goodness, is a great place to start.

It's not just professional chefs and demanding amateurs who are discovering the versatility and benefit-giving properties of Flyt – the world's most exacting cosmetics firms are also converts to the enriching qualities inherent in nature's finest seaweed.

It all comes down to quality and natural goodness.


Flyt – food with depth.